Photo by Matt Peberdy

 McGee at Wilderness Festival 2017. Photo by Anna O'Dell

McGee at Wilderness Festival 2017. Photo by Anna O'Dell

The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale 

This is a show about the cost of love. Or, what love costs us. 

Inspired by a conversation I had with Visa when I couldn't pay a bill, I promised to sell some of my things.  I looked around my apartment and realized, all the things I could sell -- a bicycle, a diamond necklace, a vintage typewriter, a guitar (etc) -- the things I had that were of monetary value, were gifts from people I'd dated.  

Since then I have been trying to figure out what the items should be priced at, taking into account all the ways I invested (time, emotion, money) in the relationships they're associated with.  I've enlisted the help of the best mathematical mind I know, Lee Smolin (a theoretical physicist with a PhD from Harvard), to help me create an algorithm that will weigh things like who broke up with who, how good the poetry was, the amount of joy vs suffering during the relationship, who paid for more things and the market value of the item in question, to determine it's true worth. 

The show is a work-in-progress and is shaping up to be part-art installation, part yard sale, part personal divulgence and part mathematical equation, with some wild dancing and live bidding.

I've been interviewing my exes and doing research on gumtree, craigslist, live auctions and art shows.  I've also been learning about economics. 

The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale was developed as part of Camden People's Theatre Starting Blocks scheme and presented at Wilderness Festival 2017.  Camden People's Theatre is presenting two in-progress shows on Nov 24 & Dec 1, 2017 (details under TOUR DATES). 

Dramaturgy by Holly Beasley-Garrigan. And additional math help from Ted Witzel. 

★★★★ refreshingly unshowy, vibrantly delivered ... McGee does metatextuality with suppleness and confidence, commenting on the construction of the show even as she’s tangled in its brilliant, autobiographical narrative.
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