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photo by Matthew Peberdy

“Two mid-sized cities collide on a single street.                                                                                       Waterloo is who you want to be, and Kitchener is who you fear you really are.”

Through (ongoing) interviews, archival research and her own origin story, Haley has collected too many tales from her hometown — a place she’s always been embarrassed by but now wishes she wasn’t. Each story ends at a fork in the road. You decide where we go.

Part choose your own adventure, part personal divulgence, part true-crime indulgence, part living room pretzel nosh & gossip sash: Kitchener + Waterloo is a spontaneous, funny, shocking, tender take-down-send-up meditation on home, hometowns, homecomings and who gets to live where.

Kitchener + Waterloo plays in London UK at Camden People's Theatre March 31-April 1. To book see Tour Dates. 

co-produced with Theaterdiscounter, Berlin  
dramaturgy by Michael Müller & Holly Beasley Garrigan
Kitchener + Waterloo was created in residence at Theaterdiscounter, Berlin