Easy Over Easy (the naked cartwheel)

Photo by Alex Gent. 

Photo by Alex Gent. 

professional description

First premiering as part of Woman SRSLY, EASY OVER EASY explores the challenge that naked bodies pose to performers and audiences alike and asks whether its challenging nature is reason enough to do it. Teetering on the edge between art and therapy, the drama of a spinning naked body punctuated with drums pushes at the limits of both Haley and her audience’s comfort and confidence. In doing so, the piece inspires the creation of an inclusive, supportive and empowering space – in just 90 seconds. Quite literally exposing our most precious vulnerabilities in a way that naturally encourages both awe and laughter, emboldens us to push out pretension and enjoy a unique combination of beauty, bravery and pure and simple silliness. (Written by Eliza Cass)

+ my personal note about it

EASY OVER EASY is a 90-second cabaret piece.  Initially, it was a dare to myself, to face down some professional & personal fears and do whole bunch of cartwheels, naked.

I’d never been naked on stage and I’ve always felt a lot of shame about my naked body. (I KNOW IT’S NOT RATIONAL BUT IT IS MY EXPERIENCE.) I wanted to break my own shame cycle. I wanted to see if I could be a naked female body in motion and be vulnerable, honest and funny. 

I was terrified & thrilled. I performed it for a sold out crowd at WOMAN SRSLY and my friend Simon Roth accompanied me with a drumroll. Doing it felt really, REALLY liberating in a way I could not have anticipated. In retrospect I think that’s because the whole thing was on my terms & the environment was one that encouraged risk-taking and experimentation. I know for many performance artists this would seem a silly thing to sweat, but this cartwheel marked a very important undoing of some old, deep bullshit I carried. 

★★★★"tremendous... brilliantly executed cartwheels as well."
                        -Plays to See

created & performed by Haley McGee
costume by Geraldine Cooper
music by Simon Roth
outside eye/dramaturgy by Jordan Tannahill & Hannah Maxwell
images by Alex Gent

EASY OVER EASY is available for performances at feminist/performance art/experimental cabarets & events.

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