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"smashing math + theatre" a workshop for young women in STEM & drama

In association with Camden People’s Theatre, theatre practitioner Haley McGee and mathematician/digital artist Melanie Phillips are offering a free workshop to young women studying drama and/or STEM subjects. 

Building on discoveries made in their own collaborative process, Haley and Melanie will lead the participants through a series of exercises to explore how we can answer their burning life questions by using maths, and how both that process and the findings can live in a theatrical form.  

The aim of the workshop is to ignite dialogue between young women with disparate interests, engender mutual respect for each other’s fields, empower them to consider the possibility of cross-disciplinary collaborations and give them the tools to with which to undertake them in the future. 

Haley and Melanie are currently working on The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale, a show which asks how we can turn sentimental value into cash by using math, premiering at Camden People’s Theatre 20 Nov - Dec 8, 2018. Participants will be invited to see a performance of the show and stay for a private Q&A with Melanie and Haley afterwards.

Date: Monday 22 October 2018 | Time: TBC | Location: Camden People’s Theatre

While the workshop is free, space is limited. Interested participants are encouraged to register early by filling out the form below. 

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