Video Experiments 

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Love Idiot.

They say "You can fall in love with anyone if you ask the right questions." Love Idiot. is the story of a confirmed Bachelorette who decides to put that theory to the test.  

A collaboration with Amy Rutherford and Paul Braunstein. Directed by Amy Rutherford.
Improvised by Paul Braunstein and me.

Love Idiot. is now in series development.   More details coming soon. 

If When Now Yes: Public Dance

Ava Jane Markus and I conceived of this while on tour with Canadian Stage's Helen Lawrence.  We wanted to get back to our girlhood joys of dancing in the backyard and we wanted to celebrate being humans in BODIES in SPACE. 

Ava did the lion's share of the work -- all the editing -- and I did craft services and cheerleading.  And we filmed and danced with a rotating team of wonderful collaborators.

I'm Doing This for You: Object Series 

In conjunction with the live performance, I've been working on video series for I'm Doing This for You. Inspired by the key physical elements of the live performance, each video explores more deeply a seemingly arbitrary task in the name of not being alone. 

This companion piece is being created with my friend and art-partner, Toronto street-style videographer, Daniel Goodbaum (