Solo Show Resources

If you’re looking for some tricks and shortcuts for your solo show, this is the place for you. Below are a couple resources to help you, based my experience creating, performing and touring solo shows and teaching others how to do it. I’ll be adding to these resources, so come again soon.


For your Creative Toolbox: Haley’s Top 10 Solo Show Creation Tools

If you want to make a solo show but are feeling overwhelmed or paralysed by self-doubt or what-to-do-next syndrome…

I have created a PDF for you with my Top 10 Solo Show Creation Tools to jumpstart your creative engine and keep you from getting stalled. These exercises and techniques are all things I have used over the last decade to create my solo shows.

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For your Business Toolbox: How-To Email Programmers Guide

So, you’ve got a solo show, or one in the works, and you want to make contact with some theatres to see if they’ll program it or help you develop it…

but you’re feeling shy and scared and freaked out at the prospect of emailing them.

To help get you over this stumbling block, I have created a How-To Email Programmers Guide that includes my top 10 tips for emailing programmers and the email template I use.

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