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performance art, collaborations, podcasts - things i'm working on these days

Easy Over Easy

a 90-second performance art piece 

Snapseed 2.jpg

This 90-second dare scares me. The task scares me.
Admitting that it scares me, humiliates me. 
And flirting with art as therapy, freaks me out.
But this dare also turns me on.

My friend Simon Roth is on drums. And I spin. 

Alternative titles include: swollen lip, shame cycle, naked cartwheel, hard for me, easy for you, cartwheelbarrow, my first time, the first time, blink & it’s over, on/off, skinny dip.

Easy Over Easy premiered at Woman SRSLY, a platform that champions bold new performance and dance by female-identified and socialised artists.

★★★★"tremendous... brilliantly executed cartwheels as well."
         -Plays to See

The Great Edinburgh Showmance

a play written with Richard Corgan (in-development)


You can live an entire romantic relationship within the month of August at the Edinburgh Fringe.

The Fringe a notorious breeding ground, a notorious place for affairs, a notorious relationship-killer. 

Emotions run hot, alcohol flows fast and the desire to recklessly throw yourself at a warm body who knows your pain and sees your brilliance is all too easy.  

Currently in-development, The Great Edinburgh Showmance is a two-person show about the joys and perils of expiry dating -- a cautionary tale about being too cautious in love.

Richard Corgan and I met in Edinburgh in 2016, we were both performing at Summerhall. We decided to make this show.