one-on-one coaching


I offer one-on-one coaching for actors, writers, comedians, performance artists and people who are engaged in making solo shows.  Coaching is available from my studio in East Dulwich (London, UK) or via Skype.

My coaching is focussed on two areas: The Art of Making a Solo Show (ART) and Self-Producing Your Solo Show (BUSINESS).


the art of making a solo show

The Art of Making a Solo Show sessions will be focussed on you as an artist in a creative process.  They’re super practical; you will be reading and performing your work every time we meet. We’ll have brief discussions and I’ll offer exercises to help you build on what you’ve brought in. At the end of the session, we’ll define your next steps so you leave feeling confident and inspired to keep going with your solo.

My goal is always that our work together is fun and provides you space to hone your instincts and keep unleashing your one-of-a-kind creative voice.

What will we cover?
Depending on where you’re at with your show, our time together will be spent digging into any/all of the following:

  • finding the best tools & techniques for you to generate material for your show

  • discovering interesting & compelling avenues to follow in your research, development & writing

  • how to hone in on a central question or them

  • finding the right structure for your work & how to implement it

  • editing on your feet and on the page

  • building challenges for yourself into your work

  • how to rock your wheelhouse & work with your weakness to make you as comfortable as possible on stage alone

  • incorporating design considerations into your process

  • character work

  • dealing with feedback in a constructive way

  • defining what kind of relationship you want with a director

  • experimenting with performance styles

  • exploring & creating the physical life of your show (props, space work, blocking, choreo, etc)

  • getting clear on your relationship with the audience

  • how to rehearse your a solo show

  • how to make cuts to your text — what darlings to kill?!

  • rehearsing for a performance


self-producing your solo show

Self-Producing Your Own Solo Show coaching covers the (less fun but, oh-so) necessary tasks to make sure your show is seen by audiences and supported financially.

Although the nature of the self-producing tasks is solitary and stagnant, these meetings will be practical and active.  We’ll do a little talking. I’ll share with you what I know about the area of self-producing you need to focus on. I’ll offer you relevant resources, then it will be a hands-on approach. You’ll work on your application/budget/etc in real time with me helping you out.

My goal is to demystify all the admin. and money stuff, give you step-by-step guidance and cheer you on as you complete important tasks that get your work out into the world.

What will we cover?
Depending where you’re at in your self-producing journey and how much time we have together our sessions will be focussed on attacking any/all of the following:

  • creating a realistic admin timeline & schedule to make sure you have your bases covered, so when the time comes to perform you can focus on your art

  • creating a one-pager to describe your show

  • how to email artists you want to work with

  • pitching your show to venues & festivals

  • finding, hiring & contracting collaborators

  • applying for residencies & creative development opportunities

  • writing funding applications

  • budgeting - how to create a realistic budget

  • organising a production or  a tour of your show: tech riders, liasing with venues, booking rehearsal space, buying insurance, creating a freesheet, touring logistics, negotiating fees

  • managing your social media

  • creating a marketing & PR plan

  • fundraising, including how to run a kick-ass crowdfunding campaign

  • inviting agents, press, ADs to your performances

  • how to get space to do R&Ds

  • building your relationships with venues & organisations

+ A note on resistance to the business side of being an artist
I have noticed with myself and with many of my students, a lot of fear, shame, avoidance, procrastination, overwhelm and resistance flares up around this stuff. It can induce imposter syndrome, feelings of worthlessness or plain old to-do-list-fatigue.  If you’re feeling any of those things: YOU ARE IN GREAT COMPANY.

I am here to tell you, the grant money is yours too.  The stage time and audience are yours too. Your imagination, creativity, world-view is not only valid, but valuable. Do not let self-doubt or shame stand in the way of you contributing to larger conversations or seeking financial compensation for the time and energy you put into your creative pursuits.
+ Why me to help you self-produce?
I’ve been self-producing my solo shows since 2010. I’m completely self-taught. Since then I’ve received grants from all levels of Canadian funding bodies (municipal, provincial and federal) and Arts Council England, (totalling £59K+ or $104K).  I have run 3 successful crowdfunding campaigns (£9k+ or $15K). I have self-produced two Edinburgh Fringe runs, participated in international residencies and festivals, and performed my solo work in 11 countries around the world.  

I’m here to teach you what I know, give skills you’ll have for the rest of your life and whack-a-mole the nasty voices that get in your way.

nitty gritty

Where do you coach?
I coach at my studio on East Dulwich, London (UK) or via Skype.

How do I book sessions?
To book, please fill out the following form.

How much does it cost?
1 hr session - £35 (+VAT) / 60 CAD (+HST)
2 hr session - £60 (+VAT) / 105 CAD (+HST)
4 hr session* - £100 (+VAT) / 175 CAD (+HST)
*can be divided into 1 &2 hr chunks

Can I do book a session that covers both the Art of Making a Solo Show & Self-Producing?
Yes, but in order to cover both, you need to book a minimum of 2 hours.